Who am I and why this blog?
I am currently a work-from-home mom. I have a more or less stable freelance career, but my father has always told me the benefits of being employed in the government, being himself a government employee. I initially made this blog to keep track of the Philippine government job vacancies that I am interested in personally. However, as the blog progressed, I realized that there are others out there, like me, who are also interested in finding and landing a job in one of the various Philippine government agencies.

What is the purpose this blog?
This blog is a good place to start if you are looking for jobs in the Philippine government - or if you're looking for a job period!

Why? --- Because this blog aims to collate or keep in one place current job listings, vacancies and other career opportunities in the Philippine government so there is no need for you to visit every Philippine government agency site. The blog will basically take note and list the job openings in the various Philippine government agencies so you can have one place where you can just search for positions or government agencies you are interested to work in.

Note --- Please keep in mind that the job listings are posted as is and may change, expire or be filled up without prior notice. Also, I am not authorized to receive your applications. If you are interested in a particular job, kindly contact the corresponding government agency.

How do I navigate this blog?
You can start by choosing from the list of Government Offices above. Just click on the name of the government office you'd like to work for and see if there's a job hiring.

You can also try using the "Search" function found at the uppermost right portion of the blog. Simply type the government agency name and/or position or any other inquery you have.

Am I affiliated to any Philippine government agency?
No. Like I said earlier, I am a freelancer currently enjoying a work-from-home employment setup.

1. I'll strive to keep the list of vacancies updated so please bookmark this site and visit us again soon.
2. For questions regarding any philippine job vacancies and career opportunities, kindly contact the respective government agencies.
3. Please send your applications to the duly assigned officer or representative of the philippine government agency you are interested to work in.


Hi I'm Lydia Deocampo Pamaranglas naki hiram lang po ako ng google acount to comment this site, can you pls help me to find a job i am a Degree Holder. AB-Political science graduate, sana matulungan nyo po ako, i need to help my parents thankyou pls contact me at this no. 09263712112 or email me @lhydia_pamaranglas@yahoo.com

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for visiting the blog! Please subscribe to the blog (upper right) to get updates on new jobs and other career opportunities in various Philippine government agencies na in line sa degree mo.

Thanks again! :) Good luck on your job hunting.

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